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Meet the KMA Team

Founded in 2007 and based in Falmouth, Maine, KMA sports a team of highly skilled and qualified Human Resources experts with more than 100 years of collective HR experience.
Kim Anania KMA Owner Kim Anania
KMA President
phone 207.781.6486
fax 207.781.6475
Kim Anania, KMA Owner
Lisa Beeler KMA HR Consultant Lisa Beeler
KMA Recruiting Manager
phone 207.781.6468
fax 207.781.6482
Lisa Beeler, KMA Recruiting Manager
Lucy Ditzel KMA HR Consultant Lucy Ditzel
KMA Human Resources Consultant
phone 207.781.2774
fax 207.781.2815
Lucy Ditzel, KMA Human Resources Consultant
Jenny Ellis KMA Marketing Communications Manager Jenny Ellis
KMA Marketing Communications Manager
phone 207.781.6467
fax 207.781.6481
Jenny Ellis, KMA Marketing Communications Manager
Theresa Fasulo KMA HR Consultant Terri Fasulo
KMA Human Resources Consultant
phone 207.781.6487
fax 207.781.6474
Terri Fasulo, KMA Human Resources Consultant
Angela Hansen KMA HR Consultant Angela Hansen
KMA Human Resources Consultant
phone 207.781.6056
fax 207.781.0937
Angela Hansen, KMA Human Resources Consultant
Deborah Jacques KMA Compensation Consultant Deborah Jacques
KMA Compensation Consultant
phone 207.781.6460
fax 207.781.6484
Deborah Jacques, KMA Compensation Consultant
Kristen Kellner KMA HR Consultant Kristen Kellner, SHRM-SCP
KMA Chief Learning Officer
phone 207.781.6469
fax 207.781.6483
Kristen Kellner, KMA Chief Learning Officer
Leora Kirk KMA HR Consultant Leora Kirk, PHR, SHRM-CP
KMA Human Resources Consultant
phone 207.523.0423
fax 207.781.6474
Leora Kirk, KMA Human Resources Consultant
Anita Krieg KMA HR Consultant Anita Krieg, SPHR
KMA Operations Director
phone 207.310.6470
fax 207.781.6484
Anita Krieg, KMA Operations Director
Tara Marquis KMA HR Consultant Tara Marquis
KMA Human Resources Consultant
phone 207.781.6462
fax 207.781.6475
Tara Marquis, KMA Human Resources Consultant
Rhoda McVeigh KMA HR Consultant Rhoda McVeigh, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
KMA Human Resources Consultant
phone 207.781.6464
fax 207.781.6478
Rhoda McVeigh, KMA Human Resources Consultant
Mary Mickiewicz KMA Office Manager Mary Mickiewicz
KMA Finance & Administration Manager
phone 207.781.6460
fax 207.781.6474
Mary Mickiewicz, KMA Finance & Administration Manager
Debby Olken KMA HR Consultant Debby Olken, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
KMA Business Development Manager
phone 207.781.6465
fax 207.781.6479
Debby Olken, KMA Business Development Manager
Lisa Shorey KMA HR Consultant Lisa Shorey, MBA, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
KMA Human Resources Consultant
phone 207.781.6460
fax 207.737.2602
Lisa Shorey, KMA Human Resources Consultant
Emily Tibbetts KMA HR Consultant Emily Tibbetts
KMA Human Resources Consultant
phone 207.781.6466
fax 207.781.6482
Emily Tibbetts, KMA Human Resources Consultant

Client Praise

Your practice continues to impress me with the quality of the consultants you employ, the thought leadership you demonstrate through events, and with the clientele that all appear to be satisfied, if not ‘raving’ fans. I enjoy interacting with you and your outfit because I can literally see what ‘added value’ looks like.

(Patrick Sweeney, Chief Financial Officer, Lanco Integrated)