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GROW: The Secret to Effective Coaching

In today’s business landscape, coaching skills are truly a requirement for all leaders. According to Bersin by Deloitte (a leading research firm serving HR and learning leaders):

Organizations that are Highly Effective at Coaching Are:

  • 30% more likely to have strong business results
  • 42% higher employee productivity

These figures simply translate to reflect that businesses that coach well are running on all cylinders. Their employees are coached toward learning valuable knowledge and skills that can effectively help them grow their careers. They also feel supported by their organizations and experience high levels of satisfaction that come with achieving new goals. Effective coaching empowers leaders to make more effective use of their resources, it helps improve retention, and it reduces formal training costs.

But What’s the Secret to Effective Coaching Anyway?

InsideOut Coaching™ offers leaders a high-quality and easy-to-remember model called GROW®:

G: The “Goal” the employee seeks to achieve

R: The “Realities” a person should consider in the context of the decision process

O: The “Options” open to the decision-maker

W: The “Way Forward” a specific action plan that maximizes the precision and proactivity of the GROW Model

Leaders Who Use the GROW Model of Coaching Can:

  • Improve performance and increase engagement and accountability
  • Coach across a broad range of situations
  • Communicate quick and effective feedback
  • Help others make better decisions and get to action

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