KMA Welcomes Team Member Susan Wasserott

Susan Wasserott KMA HR Consultant

KMA is delighted to have Susan Wasserott join our team as an HR Consultant.

Susan has been in the human resources world for more than 30 years, before it was even known as HR. In her early days, the field was called Personnel. And while many things have changed over time, the one thing that has remained constant is that HR is all about making things better for people, both employees and employers, and that passion is what has motivated and inspired Susan’s entire career.

A native of Dallas, Pennsylvania, she earned her Master’s degree in HR Administration while serving in various HR roles at companies large and small, with a particular focus on training and development. She and her husband decided to move to Maine, where they had often visited, and while it started as an experiment they were committed to for just one year, they knew they had made the right choice and have been happily living here for the last 24 years.

In Maine, Susan has held a fascinating and diverse range of positions, starting with 16 years at Mid Coast Health Services. She also had her own television show called “In My Backyard,” where she interviewed state leaders to discuss how issues and legislation in Augusta affect Maine citizens on the ground. This led her to serve as the Legislative Aide for the Speaker of the House, a role that ultimately led to her appointment as the Legislative Affairs Director for the Maine Department of Labor, where she worked on HR-related legislation impacting employers and employees alike.

More recently, Susan has been running her own business helping people to achieve their health and wellness goals through Young Living essential oils, and promoting a healthier, toxin-free lifestyle. “My HR career has helped me in business so much, because HR is largely about determining what the problem is, and then implementing the resources to resolve it.”

Susan lives in Woolwich with her husband of 28 years, their cat, and two dogs, and can often be found at the beach or out on the rivers in the midcoast area. She loves to travel, both throughout the United States and abroad, and has a deep appreciation for music, especially musical theatre, and volunteers as a Maine State Music Theatre Angel.

KMA Employee SpotlightSusan Wasserott
KMA Recruiting Consultant
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What interested you in working for KMA?

I knew Debby Olken from my days working for the Maine Legislature. We stayed in contact, and she told me about this opening. She’s always raved about working here, and so I knew it was a good place.

What do you like best about your work as an HR Professional?

People are the most vital part of any organization. And yet, any time you get more than two people together, there are eventually going to be conflicts or problems to address. I enjoy problem solving and working with employees and employers. I’m also a highly ethical person, and in HR you need to be, so it’s a good fit for me. I’m most comfortable in a world where you can establish and build trust.

What’s one takeaway from your HR work that you’d like to share with others?

How important it is to be real and upfront with people in their communications. A majority of HR problems develop because somewhere along the line communications have broken down. When an employer operates in a way that sets up a culture of trust and open communications, that goes a long way toward employees feeling good working there. Having tough crucial conversations can be a part of that, and we in HR can help make sure those conversations happen in a constructive way.

Tell us what you hope to contribute to KMA . . .

I’m looking forward to contributing to the ongoing success of KMA. It is apparent that we have a talented, supportive team of professionals, and I like being part of a dynamic team. On a personal level, it will be good to put my HR expertise back into practice.