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KMA Human Resources Consulting delivers human resources and organizational development services to growing companies in a variety of industries in Maine and New England.

KMA works with clients who do not have the time or expertise to handle vital HR functions for their businesses, such as compliance with state and federal laws, employee relation issues, and hiring and retaining talent.


HR Compliance Assessments

KMA reviews your HR processes, policies, and procedures to ensure your practices are fair, consistent, and comply with EEO State and Federal laws and HR best practices, plus puts the required process and training in place to educate employees and limit your liability. Learn More →

On-Site HR Services

KMA provides on-site HR services on a part-time or full-time basis for clients who do not have the time or expertise to handle vital HR functions themselves, or have an HR director or other HR position become vacant due to scheduled or unexpected leave or termination. Whatever the reason, a seasoned KMA HR Consultant is only a phone call away and can be on the scene quickly to work on-site and perform the HR duties you need to fill gaps in your HR staffing or help on specific projects. Available in short-term or long-term capacities


Hiring the most qualified people reduces turnover, creates a workplace with positive high morale, and boost productivity. KMA works with you to develop strategy to maximize the talent you have and to seek optimal talent from outside your organization.

Benefits Design

Providing a competitive benefits package attracts and retains employees. KMA evaluates your current benefits design or creates a new package that is cost effective for you and your employees.

Employee Relations

Positive relationships between employers and employees boost staff productivity, motivation, and morale. KMA helps you address issues such as discipline, misconduct, performance, and conflict resolution.

Workers Compensation & Safety

KMA works with you to develop or enhance your current safety program by putting policies and processes in place to prevent injuries or near-miss situations. We educate and assist you with workers compensation paperwork and develop relationships with occupational health and rehabilitation doctors, insurance companies, and employees to ensure workers are treated fairly and return to work as soon as possible.

Management Training

KMA helps you maximize your most important resource—your people—with  experience-based workshops for developing high performance teams, plus improving communication, boosting performance, and managing change proactively. KMA . . .

  • Assesses, designs, and develops “user-friendly” instructional materials to meet your needs.
  • Offers train-the-trainer modules to help trainers improve training techniques and skills.
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