Client praise about KMA services . . .

“I didn’t want to let the day go by without a ‘thank you’ for that really stimulating breakfast brief presentation this morning. That meeting was really worth the time and energy to attend. I left with things to think about, which is probably the highest praise I can give for a session such as that. Your practice continues to impress me with the quality of the consultants you employ, the thought leadership you demonstrate through events such as this, and with the clientele that all appear to be satisfied if not ‘raving’ fans. I enjoy interacting with you and your outfit because I can literally see what ‘added value’ looks like.” (Patrick Sweeney, Chief Financial Officer, GWI, Inc.)

“Thanks Kim. (KMA) got us through our HR transition and made all of our other work easier at the same time. Our new HR person is working out really well. Very happy with our decision. Jumped right in and has added value since week one (literally).” (Dave Goldberg, Industrium)

“I want to personally thank you for all your help in providing us with outstanding HR staff at a time when our needs for such assistance was critical. Yes, it has been stressful and challenging during this transition, but we can now see a far better outcome and we owe Karen a huge ‘thank you’ for her tireless organizational work. . . We hope going forward that our need to outsource HR talent is minimal, however, we will not hesitate to contact you for any future needs that may arise.” (Dr. Daniel Penan, DMD, Taylor Brook Dental Associates)

“Nonprofits play such a critical role in supporting the things we value most in Maine, and MANP works to provide our members with the highest quality professional resources to allow them to meet their mission in a sustainable fashion. We’re deeply appreciative of the generosity of businesses like KMA, who clearly value the work of the sector, and are willing to contribute their expertise to support its wellbeing.” (Scott Schnapp, Previous Executive Director of MANP)

“For years we knew we needed a human resource department, but had neither the time nor skills to develop a position. We had the right candidate, but didn’t know how we would train her for a job that didn’t exist. With the help of KMA Consulting, our new HR generalist received the necessary direction, skills, and confidence to begin building our much-needed HR department. Kim and Amey are fun, knowledgeable people and truly care that their new ‘pupil’ succeeds for the long run.” (Tim Haines, Sebago Brewing Company)

“KMA’s work with our organization has been excellent and very well received by our entire team. The in-depth workplace assessment they conducted was crucial to identifying and documenting key issues needing attention. In turn, they have systematically resolved open items and brought great order to the practices and policies of our company. Our employees have embraced the inclusion of an HR manager, in our case Tara, who has been at all times objective, approachable, and empathetic. As a business owner, I value her emotional IQ, all the while working to support the goals and vision of the company as a whole. The entire KMA Consulting team is enthusiastic and committed.” (Kathie and Paul Dioli, Owners Schlotterbeck & Foss)

“KMA Consulting was diligent, enthusiastic and extremely easy to work with. After performing an HR audit for Sterling Rope, my comfort level is much higher. Their team helped us develop a process for new hires and provide more for our employees overall. I am confident that we are in compliance and that if I ever need extra HR support, I can call KMA Consulting.” (Controller, Sterling Rope Co., Inc.)

“Thank you (Anita Krieg) so much for coming to our Career Development Facilitator (CDF) course recently to speak to career advisers who are completing my course in order to apply for national certification as a CDF. The curriculum covers the topics of Civil Rights Law, Family Medical Leave, and ADA compliance, but it always makes these laws come alive to have someone like yourself, speak about how it really works in business. Your presentation was ‘spot on’ for what we had hoped.

“Here are just a couple of the comments from professionals who are in the class:

  • ‘Thank you for your excellent presentation. I enjoyed the topics, learned some great new information, and appreciated your advice for resolving problems before they occur by setting clear guidelines and following them.’
  • ‘Very informative and loved hearing information that will help people I work with daily and aspects of my own career.’

“I truly appreciate you taking time out of your day and helping us understand some of the laws that may affect our current and future clients as we provide career services to them.” (Jim Peacock, Career Development Facilitator Instructor, Peak-Careers Consulting)

“Without a formal human resources department, KMA Consulting has become an important partner when it comes to attracting and hiring great candidates. They are responsive, easy to work with, and the services they provide are an excellent value.” (Jeff Messer, President/Owner, Messer Truck Equipment)

“I have had the pleasure of working with Kim in two different firms and have been delighted with her work quality, her insightful advice, and the depth and breadth of her HR knowledge. Kim has an unusually broad range of skills and technical abilities. She is a true generalist. I have worked with her on compensation and wage issues, benefit program design and implementation, employee relations and legal situations, redesigning a company’s orientation program, and developing and delivering training programs.

“Kim has several unique characteristics that you rarely get in one individual- she is extremely quick, whether it’s at assessing a situation, writing a memo, putting together a spreadsheet or organizing a project. She ‘delivers’ – what you ask of Kim gets done in a quality way. Kim is charismatic and fun to work with – very ‘personally impactful’ with an easygoing personality that can successfully work with everyone from the CEO to the warehouse crew.

“Finally, Kim is a change agent, whether it’s moving a person to a better place, getting a group to become a team, or identifying and fixing infrastructure issues within HR.” (Director of Human Relations, Woodard & Curran)

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