COMPLIANCE ALERTS: State Minimum Wage/Salary Increases & E-Verify Services Temporarily Unavailable

Maine Minimum Wage and Exempt Salary Increases January 1, 2019

Effective January 1, 2019, Maine’s minimum hourly wage increased to $11.00 per hour. The maximum tip credit and the minimum salary for employees exempt from minimum wage and overtime requirements also increased effective January 1.

The direct hourly wage for …read more…

Pay Equity: Trends and Compliance

Equal pay laws on both the federal and state level have been around for some time, starting with the Federal Equal Pay Act of 1963.

In the past few years, we have seen a renewed focus on this area to close the pay gap on the basis of gender or …read more…

Reminder: Medicare Part D Notices Due Before October 15

It’s time to send your annual Medicare Part D notice if you have not already done so. Annually, health plan sponsors that offer prescription drug coverage must notify Medicare eligible individuals whether or not their prescription drug plan is creditable or non-creditable.

This notice provides information to individuals when …read more…

Child Labor and Overtime Rule Updates

KMA wants you to be aware of two updates on the compliance front: one for Maine employers that utilize child labor, and a second related to the Federal exempt employee overtime rule.

Maine Child Labor Law Changes

The state has adopted the following changes, that went into effect August …read more…