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(Guest Blog) From Reactive to Responsive: Mindfulness Programs Help Reduce Stress in the Workplace

(by Lianna Della Torre, Vice President, Employee Benefits, USI Insurance Services)

How Does Mindfulness Help?

In just 1-to-2 minutes, employees can practice short mindful techniques that can help them move from being reactive to responsive. Simple pauses can allow time for creative thinking and improved work outcomes.

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Employee Performance Issues and Why You Need Watertight Documentation

(from the KMA HR Support Center)

The importance of documenting performance problems as they occur cannot be overstated. Although this requires meeting with the employee and discussing the issue, which will almost certainly be uncomfortable, it’s your best defense to a wrongful termination claim should the employee feel litigious after …read more…

How to Increase Diversity in Your Recruiting and Hiring Process

(from the KMA HR Support Center)

The recruiting and hiring process is supposed to select the best candidates while deterring unqualified job seekers from applying or advancing. All too often, however, the process creates obstacles or disadvantages for qualified candidates due to their membership in a protected class or minority …read more…

Suggestions for How To Get & Stay Focused from The KMA Team

Distractions are just part of modern life, and we seem to be battling them more and more. Technology is clearly the biggest culprit, interrupting us in our quiet moments (in all our moments, actually). It’s almost as though we have become so used to interruptions that we forget what it’s …read more…