InsideOut Coaching (All Day)

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04/05/2019 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
The Woodlands
Address: Falmouth, ME

Coaching is no longer considered a competency of a good leader—it is a leader’s primary job!

The InsideOut Coaching™ approach is a method of coaching and providing feedback that removes the things that interfere with our ability to focus on the critical issues of achieving results. It is based on the proven formula of GROW: Goal, Reality, Options, Way Forward. By conducting coaching conversations in a way that allows an individual to make linear progress from the starting point of a Goal to the clarity of a Way Forward, focus is significantly increased, results are better, and they come much faster.

As part of this program, a coaching assessment is offered to help build awareness of your opportunities toward improving your coaching style.

Join KMA Chief Learning Officer, Kristen Kellner, for this informative and strategy-packed day. A delicious buffet lunch will be provided!

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