KMA Learning Programs

Contact us about scheduling a customized training program designed specifically for your organization.
Most training programs offer participants CEUs from SHRM.

Offered to the Public

KMA Current Offerings

During a spring and fall semester, KMA offers a variety of classroom-based training programs selected from our core Learning Program offerings to help you maintain regular employee development.

KMA Breakfast Briefs

KMA’s monthly breakfast briefs bring together employers, subject matter experts, and HR professionals throughout the year to learn and share information on a variety of HR-related topics.


These programs allow targeted audiences to attend a series of progressive classes spanning several months. Participants develop peer support groups and address issues pertaining to their roles and needs.

Custom Programs

Cultivating Your Work Environment

These programs focus on achieving a great work environment, which is critical because it shapes employee engagement, enjoyment at work, relationships, processes & more.

Employee Fundamentals & Compliance

These programs focus on employee business requirements and policies that provide necessary structure to help optimize organizational compliance.

Leading & Managing With Purpose

These programs focus on vision and strategy—key competencies for every leader.

Specialized Programs for Leader Audiences

These trademarked courses allow participants a deeper drill into specific topics of self and team awareness, including in-depth assessments that offer participants an opportunity to build their emotional intelligence.

Client Praise

I didn’t want to let the day go by without a ‘thank you’ for that really stimulating breakfast brief presentation this morning. That meeting was really worth the time and energy to attend. I left with things to think about, which is probably the highest praise I can give for a session such as that.

(Patrick Sweeney, Chief Financial Officer, Lanco Integrated)